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Welcome to my page for the UH ETEC 642 course.

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  1. ilenef

    Stephen, you can read more about open access from one of the gurus – Peter Suber who’s book “Open Access” (MIT Press, 2012) is now open access at (Just scroll down a bit for the various file formats you can download for free). When it comes to scholarly research articles, authors do not receive any pay for publication. Instead, researchers pay page charges to publishers who then publish journals which are sold to libraries – and those few individuals who can manage the subscription rates. Thank goodness other models are emerging! I’ve been a librarian for a million years and I’ve seen budgets wax and wane – and these days mostly waning! There’s no way that any one library can afford to subscribe to every academic journal. Interlibrary loan helps fill the gaps as you’ve noticed. Not too bad for those of us affiliated with academic institutions, but people who are not affiliated with an academic institution may have a really tough time gaining access to research articles. Keep a lookout for emerging models for distributing research via institutional repositories, etc. One favorite: The Social Science Research Network – SSRN at Head for the little searchbox in the upper right corner of the screen and type in social media – or try putting in facebook – for a example of more than many many papers that are available to all.


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